Monday, 17 November 2008

The week in the kitchen...

We have just had our first week at Brasserie Blanc - it was the week of both of us being in the kitchen.
I already knew I don't like it in the kitchen - its hot, a lot of the time you can't talk to anyone, you stand at a sink, work surface or cooker all day - it confirmed what I already knew!

Russell has been looking after me, and on the last day we did prep stuff all day together because I was about to go crazy with boredom.

It is amazing how much better you get at doing things! Imagine how many times you do something in the kitchen in 'normal' life, maybe you cut a cake a few times a year - imagine the practice when you cut 10 in a row!

Next week will be the week out the front!


cowdog said...

I've never been in a professional kitchen, so I can only imagine how hectic it is. But usually I like being in the kitchen, concentrating on what I'm doing and not talking to anyone. I guess it is because it's kind of similar to what I do in the lab and one of the aspects of my job that I enjoy most.
But I agree that routine in any job is absolutely devastating, and cutting 10 cakes in a row is awfully boring O_o
Good luck for next week. I suspect being out the front will be as hard for Russell as it was for you in the kitchen...

Michele and Russell said...

Hi Cowdog,
Thanks for your comments. I was very glad to be out the front again!
I guess if you really love creating good food then the kitchen is fun, they start by learning all the skills doing things over and over and then when they progess get to do much more exciting stuff. BUT not the place for me!
Michele. :-)