Sunday, 9 November 2008

What Happens Now...

We will doing 3 - 6 months training in every aspect of running a restaurant. It is such an amazing opportunity we will be taught by some of the best people in the business.
First we will be going to Bristol, then we will be moving onto Oxford or Cheltenham including a few days at Le Manoir in between.
During this time we will also be looking for the right property for 'The Cheerful Soul' with Raymond Blanc. It is all so exciting and we are so grateful for the opportunity, we would never be able to have if it were not for 'The Restaurant'. Although we have been annoyed about some of the editing at times we know that without that show we would not have what now lies ahead of us and for that we will always be grateful to all of those involved in 'The Restaurant'. It has changed our lives, we will be embracing our training and learning all we can.
We will be keeping this blog updated with stories of our training which should be interesting especially when they get us to swap roles!!!
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Sandy said...

Good luck on your new venture. You were worthy winners and I really enjoyed watching you both - most viewers are canny enough to know the editing does not portray the 'true' people but a story.

Good luck again! Hope it all works out and you get through all the hard work and long nights (like having a baby!)

Anonymous said...

Well done