Friday, 30 July 2010

Goodbye to The Cheerful Soul

After two and a half years of being away from home, filming the TV show ' The Restaurant', planning and creating 'The Cheerful Soul' and running 'The Cheerful Soul' for a year, we have now left to return home to Colchester.

There are some things we won't miss like the long hours, lack of sleep, not seeing our friends or family and board meetings and there are some things we will miss such as our staff who became our surrogate family, our regular customers who showed us great support and the lovely restaurant interior including Holly's paintings on the walls.

We will be having some time off to re energise, sort out all those things at home that haven't been done for years and then start planning our next adventure.

We don't know what that will be yet but we are updating our website so we will let you know when our hand crafted items are available again.

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