Monday, 31 August 2009

The Cheerful Soul Opening party!

The morning of the party I still had nothing to wear, I hadn’t had time to sort it out so I went down to Noa Noa, my favourite shop and there just happens to be one in Marlow (which to be honest did have a bit of an influence on our choice of location for the restaurant!)
I rushed in and explained that I need something for the opening party but was in a real hurry so the ‘Noa Noa girls’, Jo, Sam and Phoebe came to the rescue. They collected up an outfit for me to try on and the accessories to go with it. I tried it all on and it was lovely, then I realised I had no shoes so they rushed of and got a pair of perfect shoes. I was worried that they would hurt by mid way through the night, everyone who works in a restaurant will know how important comfortable shoes are! I am pleased to say that they were comfortable and gorgeous ALL NIGHT!

Then the night came, mum arrived who I thought was bringing the ribbon for the big opening and said “where is the ribbon?”. The ribbon was supposed to be delivered the day before!
Only a few hours to the ribbon cutting and no ribbon!!! No problem, my amazing mum rushed of to B&Q, bought a roll of red wallpaper and fashion the most amazing bow around on the front of the restaurant. It looked so much better that the ribbon would have looked. I was glad the other one didn’t turn up.

The night went brilliantly!