Friday, 28 November 2008

The Wright Stuff - Living and working together...

Part 1

Part 2

Love Food Hate Waste...

Click this link to read about 'Colchesters Tastiest Leftovers' where we got to be the judges!

Click this link to read more about the 'Love Food, Hate Waste' campaign...

Recipes to use up leftovers - Love Food Hate Waste campaign website

Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Russell the waiter.

Michele skipped to work like one of her beloved bunnies this morning. She tells me it was because of her new "Air-Ware"(tm) soles but I think it was about 30% Clarks and 70% joie de vivre at not having to go back into "that bloody kitchen". I am happy to report she is now firmly entrenched at the hostess desk where she belongs and has been looking after me during my journey to the other side. Kitchen work is very focused and even though you are working in a team it can be a bit solitary, even introvert so it was really useful to be able to connect with customers directly and see what they thought of their experience. Working out front has re-enforced my view that a good host is essential and no matter how good the food is guests will not return if the service and atmosphere are not right.

Running up and down stairs with peoples dinner was quite fun even though I did chuck somebody's chips all over the table (which they were very nice about - nothing wrong with a few table chips). The kitchen team has five bells to call the waiters and every time a bowl of soup is ready it sounds like Westminster Cathedral after a Royal wedding, I think we will just have one.

My "best bit" of being out front was working behind the bar. I find it quite creative and involves working with your hands so I guess it has similarities with cooking but you also get to interact with guests, like a best of both. Thanks to Esther for showing me the skills and also thanks to Joe barman who makes the best Lattes this side of Keynsham.

Time to get back in my hole now, I'll report back on what I've been doing if Michele lets me out again!

Monday, 17 November 2008

The week in the kitchen...

We have just had our first week at Brasserie Blanc - it was the week of both of us being in the kitchen.
I already knew I don't like it in the kitchen - its hot, a lot of the time you can't talk to anyone, you stand at a sink, work surface or cooker all day - it confirmed what I already knew!

Russell has been looking after me, and on the last day we did prep stuff all day together because I was about to go crazy with boredom.

It is amazing how much better you get at doing things! Imagine how many times you do something in the kitchen in 'normal' life, maybe you cut a cake a few times a year - imagine the practice when you cut 10 in a row!

Next week will be the week out the front!

Sunday, 9 November 2008

What Happens Now...

We will doing 3 - 6 months training in every aspect of running a restaurant. It is such an amazing opportunity we will be taught by some of the best people in the business.
First we will be going to Bristol, then we will be moving onto Oxford or Cheltenham including a few days at Le Manoir in between.
During this time we will also be looking for the right property for 'The Cheerful Soul' with Raymond Blanc. It is all so exciting and we are so grateful for the opportunity, we would never be able to have if it were not for 'The Restaurant'. Although we have been annoyed about some of the editing at times we know that without that show we would not have what now lies ahead of us and for that we will always be grateful to all of those involved in 'The Restaurant'. It has changed our lives, we will be embracing our training and learning all we can.
We will be keeping this blog updated with stories of our training which should be interesting especially when they get us to swap roles!!!
If you would like to be added to our e-mail address book to make sure you don't miss anything send us an e-mail to:

Sunday, 2 November 2008

The Final - Menu for the Orient-Express.

The gifts on the Orient-Express

As our theme was 'The garden of England' we had Geraniums to grow, Crabtree & Evelyn gardeners hand soap and Crabtree & Evelyn gardeners hand creams.

The chocolates we gave out at the end with coffee were absolutely delicious and wrapped so beautifully. They were from a boutique chocolate shop called Cocomaya in Connaught street. It was featured in 'World of Interiors' this month.

Saturday, 1 November 2008

Harry Hill's TV Burp.

Saturday 1st November.
Tonight we will be on Harry Hill's TV Burp.
It was great fun filming it I'm sure it will be very funny!
7pm on ITV 1.

Thank you! We will be updating our blog this weekend

Thank you all so much for all the support. We are very grateful and really appreciate all your comments! Our blog is a bit our of date which we apologise for, the reason for this is because we found out last Friday afternoon (after BBC Breakfast and all the radio interviews) that we had won and for four very difficult days we could not talk to anyone (not even our family) as we had to keep it TOP SECRET. Then as of Wednesday after the show we had to travel straight up to London to do non-stop TV, Radio and newspaper interviews. We will be spending today updating everything and getting in touch with everyone.
Thank you again!
We will also continue to update the blog throughout our training and when we open our restaurant so do sign up to keep in touch and ensure you get to find out when and where our restaurant is open.