Monday, 22 November 2010

Stir-up Sunday & Sloe gin tasting no.1 ...

 Sunday 21st was not only Stir-up Sunday but also one month since the start of the 'Sloe gin experiment 2010', which means it was time for the first tasting.

If you didn't make your Christmas pudding but still want to you can find the recipe at

The tasting went like this:
Firstly Michele set out four glasses labeled A - D so Russell didn't know which was which...

Then Russell tasted the four gins and recorded his notes. Michele also wanted in on the action - purely for scientific research - you can see the results here:

Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Stir-up Sunday

This Sunday 21st is Stir-up Sunday. For a delicious recipe and method by Russell Clement visit, pudding bowls listed to the right.

Thursday, 11 November 2010

The perfect Christmas gift, exactly what they want!

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Monday, 8 November 2010

Win a set of Napkins

Liked the Napkins at The Cheerful Soul? They were so popular we are now selling them in our online shop but before you buy any here is your chance to win them...

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Thursday, 4 November 2010

Order your winter hat...

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