Saturday, 1 November 2008

Thank you! We will be updating our blog this weekend

Thank you all so much for all the support. We are very grateful and really appreciate all your comments! Our blog is a bit our of date which we apologise for, the reason for this is because we found out last Friday afternoon (after BBC Breakfast and all the radio interviews) that we had won and for four very difficult days we could not talk to anyone (not even our family) as we had to keep it TOP SECRET. Then as of Wednesday after the show we had to travel straight up to London to do non-stop TV, Radio and newspaper interviews. We will be spending today updating everything and getting in touch with everyone.
Thank you again!
We will also continue to update the blog throughout our training and when we open our restaurant so do sign up to keep in touch and ensure you get to find out when and where our restaurant is open.


cowdog said...

Dear Michele and Russell, I've been watching and supporting you from the beginning. I am glad you won, as you were the strongest couple. Yours was the most consistent performance and [as an Italian who LOVES good quality food - but sadly lives in a country which does not :( ] I really appreciate your passion for genuine food and love for simple things.

Sam said...

Congratulations on winning The Restaurant! You are very deserving winners, well done!

jaybs said...

Congratulations! on your win, I have to be honest I admire and still do James as a Chef and I think and feel Alasdair improved so much over the series it was amazing and he became the idea Front of House Manager.

Mr Raymond Blanc though is the person putting in his own money, and I see why he made his choice.

I wish you every success when your Restaurant is opened, please train hard and listen, don't be defensive, constrictive criticism is so important. Russell I think you have real talent, take on board this coming period.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to you both. In the end the right people won in my opinion you two were the complete package. Russell your food looked amazing I hope one day to have the privilege of tasting it. i wish you every success in your new business.

Anonymous said...

Well done Russell and Michele!
Keep everyone posted on your preparations and the details of your new restaurant - I would love to come and try Russell's cooking!
Best wishes

Anonymous said...

Yes, Please do keep us updated. After following you on 'Restaurant 2' and hoping you would win, I feel like I know you.

I saw you on the 'Wright Stuff' and that was good. well done again and thank you for sharing

Mia - said...

Congrats on winning!! My partner and I watched last year's series and loved it - we were so glad when we heard it'd be on again this year - and I even googled to try & find out where the restaurants would be, as last year's had been filmed nearby.

We were shocked then to see that it had been filmed in Northwood, where we both grew up, and our parents still live! I told my mum who then vaguely remembered that my sister and grandparents had been interviewed for this outside Waitrose! Can't believe we missed you being there - would have happily visited had we realised. You two were our fave couple throughout (not just because of the location!!) loved your concept and happiness, and very disappointed to have missed out.

Felt sorry for you having to complete that task in Harrow! Always go to the St Ann's & St George's centres there, and know what the crowds and kids are like! Not exactly likely to be interested in cooking.

We were very pleased that you won, you definitely seemed to deserve it - and we can't wait to visit your restaurant in the future - though we will probably have to travel a bit further than Northwood now!

Best of luck to you, Mia x x

James and Sarah said...

Congratulations on winning the series! We thought Raymond was going to go for Laurel and Hardy but he rightly chose you, deserved winners.

We saw Michele in Waterstones, Colchester the other day but couldn't possibly believe it was you as your restaurant was in Norwood! But then my girlfriend saw Russell and was star-struck. I wanted to come over and say hello, but Sarah wouldn't let me!

Please let us know where your new restaurant is going to be and when it will open as we'd love to try out Russell's food. All the best.

James and Sarah said...

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