Wednesday, 22 October 2008

(THURSDAY) The Tests and Special/Surprise Midweek Service

We will not be at a computer for the next couple of days so we won’t be able to respond to what you see on TV for a few days. What I can tell you is that when Sarah came to visit she was supposed to be there at 11am and we were not allowed to start work or go in the kitchen until after she had been - she did not arrive until 2pm and we had to be ready for service at 6pm - what a nightmare!! That is why we seem disinterested (I am sure they will put that in as we got a good slagging off for it) we are desperate to get to work because those customers are going to arrive at 6 no matter what “the show must go on”.

I’ll fill you in on the rest later - I don’t want to spoil anything!

We will be live on BBC Breakfast Friday morning.


Daniel Backhouse said...

Hi Michele and Russell, I hope you don't go out on Thursday night because I really want you both to win. You've both worked really hard and I am keeping my fingers crossed to see what happens.

Whatever happens, I think you'd both run a restaurant extremely well because Russell is an excellent chef and Michele is fantastic at front of house. You both make a great team together and come across as genuinely nice people. Each week I've kept my fingers crossed and I think you've both done amazing and should be very proud of yourselves. In my opinion, you both deserve restaurant of the series :)).

All the best.


Anonymous said...

I agree with Daniel. You are my favourite to win now.

I do worry that you may have your restaurant shut down after tonight as your blog mentions a live interview on Friday. This usually happens after someone leaves a show. I hope I'm wrong.

Best wishes x

Anonymous said...

Sorry,message above is not supposed to be from anonymous. It's me, Mrsclooney. x

Anonymous said...

Here's hoping you both stay tonight,as you have been my favourites to win from the beginning...You've been consistent,progressed, and your restaurant always seems to have a lovely atmosphere,while Russell IMO is definitely the best chef.
Good Luck both.

Jenny said...

Not anon ,another who thinks "The Cheerful Soul" should be permanently open.


Gina said...

You had some good comments about your food.

So pleased to see that you are through to the final. Look forward to the BBC Breakfast interview tomorrow.

Oddjob said...


Hope you snatch this one despite feeling that RB made his choice long ago. You've been the most consistent and you deserve it.


foodie said...

Whatever the outcome I hope your dreams come true!

Daniel Backhouse said...

YEEEAAHHHHH, you're both into the final...FANTASTIC :). I was thinking you won't be also when i saw there is going to be an interview for Friday. My fingers are still crossed for the final. I REALLY hope you both win next week. Can't wait.

All the best


Andrea said...

Hi Michele and Russell,

First of all, sorry for the bad grammar and spelling, but I'm not English : )
I'm so happy to see you in the final, because you have been my favorite couple from the beginning, so I really-really hope you will win. Michele, you are so nice and warm, Russell, you are so cool. Keep this love and support which you have between you two. It's so lovely to see.

All the best,

James said...

Russ, it's James here from uni - we're all watching (Torie, Kelly, Paul, Rob, Laura, me and Kate!). You're doing awesome - love the concept and what you're doing with Raymond.

I run a web consultancy business now (with three other guys) and we work with Orient-Express so we know the Manoir really well (we're working on lots of new Orient-Express websites at the moment).

If you would like to get in touch, you can get hold of me through
Let me know if you would like any help with a website.

Good luck with everything!

James & Kate.

ps. I'm still making that lemon tart you taught me ten years ago!

Paul & Christophe Phillips-Noel said...

To Michele & Russell,

We really are wanting you both to win!! Love your concept but also the positive image of a fantastic couple you both portray. It is so beautiful to see too happy people in love... and more than able to work with each other!!

All our best wishes for now and the future!!
Paul & Christophe

Steve and Oli said...

Hi Guys, WELL DONE.... We was watching you last night and I read your restaurant is now a pizza place and you was going to be on a breakfast show we was a bit worried you was out, I can not tell you my joy that you are in the final, you deserve it, I wanted to come to your restaurant as I don’t live far in Watford but never had the time due to running my own small business.

I use to work in FOH and kitchen as second chef, it was hard but stuck at it for 2yrs.

Let us know if you open a restaurant in the future, as we would like to come to eat :)

All the best for the future.

Stephen Marshall & Oliver Lloyd

Kat said...

Glad you are through to the final. Really hope you win as you've been most consistent throughout and i think Russells food always looks great and the restaurant looks like the happy kinda place I like to eat in.

Good luck for next week.

Fekete Macska said...

I'm pleased I've across this blog. It confirms what I had long suspected, which is that the editing of this show can't be trusted. You were the restaurant of the week twice running and should really have been the week after as well, and yet the producers showed almost nothing of what you did. If you watch closely, you realise that whenever Russell is in the proximity of food, it usually ends up very well! For example, was it a coincidence that the only time Helen's food was warmly praised, Russell just so happened to be her assistant?

I don't really understand the logic of the show. You have come up with your own concept and yet I get the feeling that Raymond Blanc expects you to do fine dining, which is something that only the comedy couple in Marlow are offering. So why are you judged as if you are something that you are not?

Anyway, I hope you win because Russell seems easily the most competent chef and that is the real reason most of go to eat out. But I have a feeling that is not the "story" the producers want. Best of luck (and if you open something in Colchester, let me know! We're in Suffolk!)

Mrsclooney said...

So glad you are still in and that I was wrong about the interview thing. Good luck guys got the final. Go Michelle and Russel!
From MrsClooney

Helen said...

Congratulations on reaching the final. I hope you go on to win.

Lisa said...

Cheerful greetings to you both although I only know one of you...Michele, we met several times years ago which is why I was delighted to stumble upon the series while zapping and figured that nobody could look as much like you as yourself so couldn't be a look-alike. I've been hooked ever since and the blog certainly redresses the balance of the often cringingly obvious editing. Yeah, we know telly is a business and they do what they have to do but they could be a soupçon more subtle about it. Would love to see you win but whatever the final outcome you will have got so much exposure that winning may be superfluous to requirements or even counter productive, let's wait and see.
Bonne chance.
Incidentally, 'amuse-bouches' are also called 'amuse-gueules' which is much funnier 'cos it's closer to amuse-boat race or cake-hole.
Bye from Lisa.

Anonymous said...

yes! Yes! Yes! Way to go Michele & Russell! Delighted for you! Go for it! Best wishes! Mrs Clooney xx

Gina said...

Congratulations. Are you going to blog your 'training' with RB?

Surseine said...

Congrats! Very happy to see you win!

Anonymous said...

I think you probably could do with with a little more humility. What an expereince being offered th chance of a life time with Raymond Blanc. Please do not muck it up by continuing in the vein of your previous blog

Fekete Macska said...

I don't think you need to show any humility at all! Congratulations on winning this show, but I think you have been treated so poorly by the producers that I'm not sure Raymond Blanc deserves you.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations. I hope you enjoy the experience and also make a great success of the opportunity.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations, I watched every show and thought you were fantastic throughout. I run a restaurant myself and know how demanding and stressful it can be. I think you both rose to the challenge and it paid off in the end. Well done and happing restauranting!!!!

KP said...

Huge congratulations to you both! I've loved the positivity you've added to this series, and wish you all the best with this new venture. Keep us posted as would love to visit your restaurant the next time I'm in England.

Gretchen and (the Cheerful!) Joel said...

Trans-Atlantic Felicitations!

Russell and Michele - Heartiest congratulations on your big win! My husband and I have had a fantastic time watching you grow, cook, and collaborate throughout the past weeks. Joel's from Yorkshire and lives in Pennsylvania now, since we married a few years ago. Since we cooked our first meal together 9 years ago, we've often dreamed of opening our own restaurant, and we've been thoroughly inspired watching the two of you. For now, we'll "borrow" from your recipes (don't worry, we'll give credit!) and continue to talk up you, Raymond, and this great show. Hoping we can get a reservation when we come over to England next year for a visit!! Truly, best of luck to you both - you've really made our lives more cheerful over the past weeks.

Kindest regards -

Anonymous said...

You guys were my favourite from the start and i'm so happy for you, two lovely people with a great spirit and wonderful concept in 'The Cheerful Soul' Well Done! :)

threefromleith said...

Well done to you both ! A great win.

All the best with the partnership with Raymond.



Michele and Russell said...

Thank you all so much for all the lovely comments and good wishes. We are very grateful for your support! We are absolutely thrilled to have won.
Our blog is a bit our of date which we apologise for, the reason for this is because we found out last Friday afternoon that we had won and for 4 very difficult days we could not talk to anyone (not even our family) as we had to keep it TOP SECRET. The as of Wednesday after the show we had to travel straight up to London to do non-stop TV, Radio and newspaper interviews. We will be spending today updating everything and getting in touch with everyone.
Thank you again!

eggonastilt said...

Congrats guys, was a fan all the way through.
Wish you every success for the future:)