Friday, 12 August 2011

End of show party at Layer Marney tower

Russell cooked up some delicious canapes and exciting non-alcoholic drinks for the Embroiderers' Guild 'End of show' celebration.
Russell is the Colne & Colchester branch's secret weapon in adding an extra bit of taste to an already extremely skilled and fascinating exhibition! The members of the Embroiderers' Guild have a diverse range of skills with years and years of practise making them an invaluable bank of knowledge to anyone wishing to develop or diverse in their textile skills. I am a 'new girl' in the group having joined just last yea. Everyone is happy to teach and share skills and I have benefited from this already!

Russell setting up the canapes

Bloody Mary with basil oil (non-alcoholic)

It's ready and caters for vegetarians and vegans
It was enjoyed by all!

Thanks Russell!
From Michele. x