Sunday, 19 June 2011

Easter weekend in Lyme Regis, Dorset

We spent the weekend in Lyme Regis at Easter and it was beautiful. We had heard about the fossils and that it is called the 'Jurassic coast' but we were not prepared to see the amazing sights we did! You literally walk over hundreds of fossils as you walk along the beach.


These are easy to find in the rocks but will not last.
We tried breaking some rocks open to find fossils but were unsuccessful, all we found were fossils like the one above but they crumble away. We decided to go on a fossil tour. On the tour we learnt that we were looking in wrong kind of rock. We were looking in 'soft' rock or 'mud stone'. The fossils in this rock are crushed and leave only an imprint. The entire rock will eventually turn to dust if you try to take it home and put it on the shelf! We heard stories about fossils that had been found at Lyme Regis, including some very exciting and recent finds.
Fossil tour - learning how to look for the right rocks!

Fossils found on the tour.
 The next day after the fossil tour we went fossil hunting again with our new knowledge and this time we were successful! The first stone Russell broke open had a lovely fossil that we found out, when we took it to be cleaned up, that is was a rare type called 'Caenisites'. I also found some small ones called ' Cymbites' and a larger one called 'Arnioceras'. It was great fun and amazing how much we learnt on the tour about the rocks.

Russell with the first fossil he found (first rock he hit after the tour).
 The next day Russell when Mackerel fishing on a local boat while I spent the day laying on the beach with my crochet and a book! It is an unusual beach to lay on as in the background you hear the noise of hammers on stone and everyone that comes to the beach brings a hammer and gloves instead of a bucket and spade!
Russell when Mackerel fishing
On the boat

In the evening we had a BBQ on the beach and Russell cooked up his Mackerel.
Fossil hunting in Lyme Regis.
This is what I had my eye on all weekend!
 There was a lovely candy stripe cafe along the seafront with pretty teapots, Cath Kidstone and Poppy Treffry cups and cupcake shape sugar bowls. I fell in love with it, the staff were friendly and the food was as good as it looked. I couldn't wait to try one of their Ice cream sundaes.
It was even better that it sounded on the poster!
Finally got my 'Easter Sundae' on the last day
It was DELICIOUS! The sauce was made from melted 'cream eggs'!

We absolutely loved Lyme Regis and can't wait to go back!
by Michele.