Sunday, 30 January 2011

A Sunny Sunday in January...

We made the most of the first Sunny Sunday in January with a delicious Beach Brunch in West Mersea.
Russell cooked up Mini-Portobello Mushrooms with garlic and parsley in olive oil over our camp stove. 
Equipment: Chopping board, knife, tea towel, flask of hot water, camp plates, camp stove, cutlery
You need: Salt, portobello mushrooms, garlic cloves, fresh parsley and olive oil.

He then toasted a couple of slices of bread by holding them over the flames. Tipped the mushrooms and juice on the bread and it tasted like the most delicious thing I had ever eaten. It was really cold on the beach but the sun was so lovely to see and we huddled behind a bush - it didn't feel cold with the hot food to eat!

Being out in the sun is so good for your spirits!
Then for dessert!!!
You need: Chocolate sticks, flask of hot water, milk, sweet bread or pastry
Equipment: Sauce pan, cups, flask
When we went to Brussels in December we brought back some hot chocolate sticks...

(It is basically really high quality chocolate on a stick)
Russell heated some full fat Jersey milk in a pan on the camp stove, while this was heating he tipped the hot water from the flask into the cups (just to warm them up). We then tipped the water away (using it to wash the plates) and put the chocolate sticks in the cups...
Then Russell tipped the hot milk into the cups on top of the chocolate. It took a while to melt - just keep stirring...

..until all the chocolate melts into the milk.

We had some Pandoro which is like Brioche to go with the hot chocolate.

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