Thursday, 11 November 2010

The perfect Christmas gift, exactly what they want!

Show appreciation for individuality, give a unique hat with
'Michele English's' Hat Vouchers

1. Hat Gift Voucher £you Choose

A hat gift voucher can be used for our ‘design it yourself’ hats, our bespoke hats for sale or a Hat design voucher.

2. Hat Design Voucher £15.00

This voucher entitles your recipient to have a hat designed for them.
 3. Hat Design Voucher plus Hat Voucher £15.00 + You choose

As above plus you can specify an amount that you wish to spend towards the final hat produced.
 4. ‘Invoice me’ Hat Design Voucher

This option is suitable if you want to pay for your recipient’s hat but do not want to specify an amount.

'Hat voucher' gift packaging also available

For more details 'Click' the picture

Gift packaging contains:

• Voucher (as applicable)

• Mini felted hat

• Tape measure

• Instructions

• all packaged in a lovely gift box (gift vouchers)

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