Friday, 30 July 2010

Goodbye to The Cheerful Soul

After two and a half years of being away from home, filming the TV show ' The Restaurant', planning and creating 'The Cheerful Soul' and running 'The Cheerful Soul' for a year, we have now left to return home to Colchester.

There are some things we won't miss like the long hours, lack of sleep, not seeing our friends or family and board meetings and there are some things we will miss such as our staff who became our surrogate family, our regular customers who showed us great support and the lovely restaurant interior including Holly's paintings on the walls.

We will be having some time off to re energise, sort out all those things at home that haven't been done for years and then start planning our next adventure.

We don't know what that will be yet but we are updating our website so we will let you know when our hand crafted items are available again.

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Pumpkid said...

Oh wow! I can't wait to see what you guys have planned next. :D

Anonymous said...

Is it shut? I had a booking for my wedding anniversary for Saturday?

Thanks for letting me know...

Michele and Russell said...

It is not closed. The restaurant is being managed by someone called Quintin if you call him on the ususal number 01628 483343 he will be happy to help. Happy Anniversary.

James R. Oak said...

Heard a few weeks ago but didn't know how to contact you 'til now. I really hope you're both happier and I'm sure you will succeed with a bit more support around you, you'll enjoy it a lot more too. All the best.

Hayley Mansell said...

Miss you! And so sad we didn't get to say goodbye. Stay in touch... Would love to come and join in the fun with whatever you do next...
Stay cheerful!
Love Hayley, Paul, Phoebe and Issy Mansell

Gillian Kerry said...

Dear Michell & Russell

I was very sorry to hear that you had left to return to Colchester.

It was a pleasure to work with you during last summer and to also have my birthday dinner there last year.

May I wish you all the very best for your future ventures.

With best wishes and kind regards,

Gillian, Paul & Pauline Kerry
Past customers of The Cheerful Soul

Nigel said...

So sorry you have left Marlow . We loved your restaurant and our boys rechristened it "smileys" as they always had such a lovely time. We have one of your glass Water bottles which we have in our kitchen.
Best of luck with whatever you do. You deserve to be successful
The dawsons

Anonymous said...

I was surprised, yet not surprised, when I read you had left The Cheerful Soul.

I have never been involved in the restaurant business other than as a part-time dishwasher while in college (for about one week). However, I have cousins who ran one for many years. Listining to them I realized it was basically a 24/7/365 operation. After the restaurant closed there were books to do and supplies to order.

Poor Raymond. The original couple at the Eight at the Thatch lasted about a year. Same for TCS. I wonder how the boys at The London Club (or whatever it was called) are doing.

I understand there will not be a The Restaurant, #4. I didn't catch #1, watched #2 about as often as I could find it and most of #3. #3 was simply dreadful.

Good luck in your future vetures.

Ken Scharabok, USA

John Phipps said...

Hi Michele & Russell, hope you are both well & getting the rest you deserve. Kathy & I are sorry that you have gone, we both wish you the best in what ever you do next.
It was great to have you as part of Marlow life.

claire said...

Hi quick question, were you both in Bristol a few weekends ago? Am sure I saw you both on our road carrying plants into a house a few doors down, or was it just a lookalike couple??!

Mark said...

Hi Michele and Russell, it is good to see you on here again but sad to see you leave Marlow life. It's been a real pleasure working with you and knowing you so far and I hope we can stay in touch.

Best of luck with whatever you two turn your hand to next, it's bound to be a success. You deserve it and enjoy the ride!

Best wishes
Mark Harris

Jason Flint said...

so you two didn't really want it then. what an absolute waste of time. the restaurant business has no place for poseurs, only those who aren't afraid of hard work and are dedicated to perfection in every field. Having the benefit of Raymond Blanc, David Moore and Sarah Willingham is something of which dreams are made. You will regret this in the future, provided you have the brain power to realize it.

Anonymous said...

I congratulate you for having won the show.
We visited the restaurant a couple of times and honestly, it wasn't special. Sure, Michelle smiled a lot but considering you had the "Blanc" tag, the food was not inspiring. On the 2 occassions I spoke to Russell he was grumpy and mono syllabic. You may well have been really tired, in which case, you should have got more staff to enable you to have more rest.

We eat out a lot and if the experience had been better, we would have, quite probably been eating there 4 or 5 times a month as we live only a few miles from Marlow.

I don't know you both and I am not trying to be nasty for the sake of it - just telling you what my experiences of your restaurant was like from my point of view so if you do it again, there might be some things you would change.

Hayley Mansell said...

Regarding last two comments...

Everyone entitled to their own opinion...but glad I don't know you!

Personally, my family (and may people I know) had a wonderful experience at CS, with truly excellent, simple yet seasonal food. Several of our birthdays and anniversaries were made VERY special there... And last Halloween was the best ever! Yes, I dare say there were some glitches - everyone has em. But M&R, don't be discouraged...
Hoping all is good with you.
Hayley, Paul, Phoebe & Issy Mansell XX

Anonymous said...

I have never posted a comment before on any site, but had a fantastic experience at CT for my birthday with my parents. In every respect the atmosphere,staff,service,menu, surroundings, quality of food, and most surprisingly the good value were all outstanding. Im gutted to find the restaurant is now up for sale but understand totally your reasons to go and wish you every success in the future

Anni said...

Well, what a waste!
I have been to your restaurant and enjoyed it. I was looking forward to bringing my husband tomorrow as he never managed to come with me before.
And now I find it is closed.
There are thousands of people who would have died for the opportunity you had. You sound like spoiled brats to me, not willing to stick at it and make it work.


Dear Anne,
I am glad you enjoyed your visit to The Cheerful Soul. I am overwhelmed that you made the effort to join up to an account with google just to post your comment.