Sunday, 20 December 2009

Christmas Day feast...

We still have places available for Christmas Day...

CHRISTMAS DAY FEAST £65.50 per head

Thanks to Phil Bowditch and Peachcroft Farm of Abingdon, we have 6 outdoor reared, free-range geese for our traditional English Christmas Day Feast. We have hung the birds “long-legged” for two days to mature and develop the characteristic flavour of these Prince of Christmas Day birds.

Spiced, mulled wine or cranberry juice will welcome you in from the cold

Stuffed neck and confit thigh of Peachcroft Farm goose, peppercorn pease pudding, Bramley apple
Flageolet bean soup
Salad of beetroot, Comice pear, Coxs’ apple and pickled walnuts

Phil Bowditch oak smoked organic Scottish salmon
Warm Benliegh blue cheesecake, caramelised chicory

Pink grapefruit and Angostura water ice

Roast crown of Peachcroft Farm goose, roast King Edward potatoes, creamed sprouts, old spot lardons, mashed swede and real gravy made in the roasting pan

Chestnut and herb stuffed slow roasted onion, roast King Edward potatoes, creamed sprouts and mashed swede

St Clements

Plum pudding, brandy sauce, English custard
Chocolate and chestnut tart, chestnut puree, whipped cream

Organic Union coffee and petit fours

Russell has started to prepare the geese!

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