Monday, 6 July 2009

At The Cheerful Soul we have:
A main menu,
an offer menu starting at £11.50 for two courses including a Glass of Wine or Nip of Ale,
often changing specials,
a childrens menu at £5.95 including a drink, meal and ice cream
and a bar snack menu.

Our main Menu:

Pea, mint and broad bean soup with lemon oil £3.50
Brixham crab and clotted cream tart with horseradish dressing £5.50
Pressed ham hock terrine with cauliflower piccalilli and warm toast £5.25
Fresh and aged Homefield House goats cheese salad with marinated beetroot £6.95
Marinated cherry tomato and shallot tart £6.50
Half pint of shell on Atlantic prawns with homemade mayonnaise £6.50

Main course
Sauteed summer mushrooms, tagliatelle, garlic chives, crème fraiche and pea shoots £10.50
Chargrilled aubergine with garlic, potato dumplings and fresh pistou £10.75
Braised Atlantic sea trout with summer vegetables, white wine and basil £13.50
Warm roast chicken ballotine, fresh garden salad, tarragon dressing £11.25
Braised lamb clod fillet, smoked aubergine, buttered spinach £15.95
Slow cooked belly pork, wilted gem lettuce, peas and spring onions £12.75

From the grill
Line caught Cornish sardines, rosemary sea salt, chips £10.75
Seared Skirt steak (7oz) with shallot and mustard dressing, chips £11.50

Our brilliant butcher Aubrey Allen hangs our steaks to dry mature for at least 28 days for tenderness and flavour. We serve them with hand cut chips, braised field mushroom and roast tomatoes. Please feel free to swap if you would like a different style of potato or salad with your steak.

Sirloin (8oz) £19.50
Whole cut Fore-Rib steak (8oz) £17.50
Fillet (8oz) £23.50

A bit on the side
Hand cut chips £2.50
Mashed potatoes £2.50
Boiled potatoes £2.50
Peas, wilted gem lettuce, spring onion £2.75
Buttered spinach £2.75
Carrots with marjoram £2.75
Green salad £2.95
Garden salad £2.95


Lilley said...

Best of luck, Michele and Russell!
Be thinking of you.
See you soon,
Lilley xx (Marlow FM)

Stu said...

Just saw you both in Eden - we both smiled and were chuffed the restaurant is open just down the road! Will visit soon. Gave you a mention here:

Good luck!!!

Stu & Jasmine

Michele and Russell said...

Thanks Lilley, it's always lovely to see you. And thank your Mum for the seeds again - we are very excited about growing them next year.
Although not much looking forward to the midnight slug patrol - I think I will have to put it on our nightly cleaning rota and get everybody out there!

Michele and Russell said...

Thanks for the mention Stu!
Hope to meet you in the restaurant soon.

Martin said...

Great story, must get down there!


Anonymous said...

Looks delicious. Can't wait to try it!

Anonymous said...

Sounds delicious, but could you put up the pudding menu as well - I have a sweet tooth!