Friday, 8 May 2009

The Cheerful Soul starts to take shape...

We finally have a home for The Cheerful Soul and as you can see from the picture above we couldn't wait to get stuck in!
Turning the new premises into The Cheerful Soul is proving to be very exciting. We have been planning for a long time but of course there is always the worry that we may have made the wrong decision or our ideas won't work but so far it is great and the place (even though it looks like a building site) is really starting to look good!
This is the Novus detail Team who played a big part in helping us plan the work for the restaurant and are now all hard at work making the transformation from The Hare and Hounds to The Cheerful Soul happen...

LEFT: Bradley & Dan

RIGHT: Simon (Michele's Brother), Gerald***** & William

We will keep you posted!


Anonymous said...

Hey hey, isn't that where The Gallery was during the show? :) Great that you guys have finally got a venue! It's like things are finally taking shape. Best of luck to both of you!

Plot_Planter said...

Congratulations! I hear the grand opening is planned for mid-June. Have a great time getting things up and running an when it gets tough, remember to stay cheerful :-)

Anonymous said...

Hi there we are Marlovians eagerly awaiting the opening. Can you give us an idea when the grand opening is and if you will be functioning for the 18th July - i'm hoping to host my birthday with you!

Anonymous said...

Congrats guys!!!

caught the 1year on show last night!!!

Looks like you are going to be very successful in your new venture. Keep smiling - and Michele keep the work men in line :)

Little Miss Hungry said...

Liked the show last night, good to see how everything's been going. So is it possible to book a table online?

Nicholas said...

Sorry to be a party pooper but!! how about some conscructive comments about the food and service. I too had to wait 2 days for a reply via email for a reservation--I eventually made a call. Also dont understand why after agreeing a 12.45 booking we are told the table needs to be prepared so drinks in the garden for nearly 30 minutes!! That would be ok for those who have lots of leisure time but I`m sure this restaurant is looking for the business lunches also!
The food was ok but not terribly exciting...Starters lacked flavour!main complaint was that the chips which came with the steaks were double cooked and unedible so much so, that both plates were left with the chips uneaten. Somewhat surprised chef would let plates leave the kitchen like that!!
Sorry but we wont be rushing back.
4 dissapointed business people.

HRichards said...

Same problem as previous comment I am afraid. We emailed to book a table and had no response , I then called and got no answer but as it was a booking for 6.30 on a weekday night we decided to turn up anyway. We were told by Michele that you were fully booked and they had no record of our booking and did not even check to see whether our email was there. We were made to feel that they were doing us a favour trying to fit us in and after about 3 minutes of Micheles deliberations we decided to leave.

My friend was far from impressed having driven all the way from Chichester. I would have have thought that if they had an email booking system they would respond within the next working day otherwise there is no point in having it as a point of contact.

The whole experience was very disappointing and such a pity that this is how new customers are treated. We will never return to be made to feel like naughty school childrem