Thursday, 2 April 2009

We need chefs and front of house staff...

JOBS AT THE CHEERFUL SOUL!! On the Oxfordshire / Buckinghamshire border

…An exciting opportunity awaits! Giving you the chance to be there right at the beginning of a brand new company.

Michele and Russell, winners of BBC2’s “The Restaurant” 2008, in partnership with Raymond Blanc are soon opening their restaurant “The Cheerful Soul”.

We’re offering you the chance to
show some Jazzamatazz and be a key part of our team building our reputation for
serving a delicious, frequently changing Great British menu in a relaxed environment
with an enormous welcome and excellent customer service.

Sound like you? We’re looking for an experienced, cheerful Assistant Restaurant Manager who will enjoy being part of developing the success of ‘The Cheerful Soul’.
Day to day you will be Michele’s right hand man and you will act as manager in her absence.


We’re looking for an experienced, adaptable Sous Chef who is excited about creating a great culinary reputation for TCS and helping develop our kitchen team.
You will assist Russell in the day to day running of the kitchen and to be responsible for the smooth running of the kitchen in his absence.

‘The Cheerful Soul’ – Eat, Drink and Be Merry.

Other positions are also available including waiting staff, Kitchen staff, Bar staff cleaner
To apply please email:


Plot_Planter said...
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David Hall said...

Best of luck you two! Glad I stumbled across this Blog - was cheering you both on last year. Looking forward to bringing the family down for a meal. All the best.


Plot_Planter said...

Can you tell us where it is yet? I can't wait to visit - for tasty food and inspiration for a little later in the year (or my life!) when I might be doing a similar thing ....

sharp green pencil said...

Congratultions. we are a couple of Brits temporarily in USA so have just seen you win here, wish I was in the UK as I would love to come and help you!..but then all I could do is paint nice pictures of vegetables.. well done . Next time I am home I hope to call in .. Val

meg k said...

Congrats!! My sister and I saw the finale last night on BBC America and we were so happy you two won(rooting for guys since the start!). May you have much success at The Cheerful Soul! :)