Monday, 6 October 2008

Did we get to go home?

I have read a lot on the internet about whether or not we all got to go home during the experience. No, we didn't. We were busy all day every day except Sundays as explained in 'what happened on a Sunday?'.

We really missed our family, we didn't often even get a chance to phone home.

Tim and Lindsie had a little boy and missed him terrible, it was really hard to see Lindsie missing her son. They had to be very strong to keep going but looked at it logically that it was a once in a lifetime opportunity. They were so dedicated to their son they drove back after service on Saturday to see him and came back again Sunday night. Sometimes this meant they would only get a few hours sleep - it was an emotionally and physically draining experience.

We did all miss our families which makes the experience harder as we are taken away from normal life to live in a hotel. It makes good TV though having us all tired and emotional.

We were however very grateful to have the experience...

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